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Yachting Facts

Yachting has been a popular leisure activity in developed economy. North America, Europe and Oceanic regions have been traditionally yachting stronghold.

According to Lucintel research, In 2009, the global pleasure boat market shipment was $18.21 billion. The market is forecast to grow to $ 27.8 billion by 2015, with Asia and Europe being the growth engine.

U.S. maintains a total of 17 million boats and yachts. Close to 1/3 of its population participates various type of sailing related activities.

In China, there are about 2,000 yacht owners and 200 yacht clubs.

Yachts can be categorized as follows:

Nautical Lifestyle

Sailing is more than a sport, it’s a lifestyle.

While sailing is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, it also requires you to be an active participant. When you learn how to sail, you’ll not only become intimately familiar with all aspects of your boat, but also know how your boat relates to its environment in terms of everything from the wind to the weather. This is why learning how to sail can be so fulfilling and can foster such a sense of accomplishment.

Sailing brings you back to fundamentals. Spending time on a boat seems to bring out the best in human nature. Working together you talk a lot, laugh a lot, put the world to rights and learn more than you expect.

Sailing also requires a certain appreciation for your surroundings and environment. Sailor can feel as though if he can control the wind, a powerful force of nature, then he may develop a better ability to cope with real life challenges on shore.

Time and time again people have seen the benefits of running away to sea. It’s a brilliant chance to gain a different perspective on your hectic lives ashore. Stepping away from the land is like stepping away from the world you know. See yourself in a new light and expand your horizons, who knows where your inspiration at sea will lead you?

TRUST Experience

At TRUST, we bring your expectation of yachting to a totally new level.

Whether you are an individual interested in yachting activities or a hospitality business owner seeking to enhance your service offering, you can find customized solutions at TRUST yachts with an array of premium products and service.

Our team brings with us over 50 years of expertise in yachting and related hospitality service. We start from the very fundamental for your informed decision to engage in yachting - why you as an individual or a business may do yachting and what end benefits you can reap from it.

Our team takes an consultative approach to understand clients’ needs and match them with unique TRUST offerings - from luxurious sailing tour on European waters, all the way to yacht purchase of premium European brands and launching marina operations and yachting clubs.

With dedicated support from a number of top European shipyards and service providers, TRUST helps you to start a winning sailing journey.

Total Solutions

To our individual clients, TRUST offers service with a consultative approach in the following areas:

Sailing tour in Europe
TRUST arranges potential buyers to visit yacht manufacturers and test sailing in Europe based on clients’ requirements.
Yacht purchase and rental
TRUST handles purchase and rental for Chinese clients’ permanent ownership or temporary usage of their desired yachts.
Yacht maintenance
TRUST facilitates clients’ yacht berthing and daily maintenance by linking yacht owners to the right marina facilities in China or in Europe.
Yachting training
TRUST arranges experienced specialists to deliver personalized training to owners on how to operate a yacht.

To our corporate clients, TRUST offers:

Yacht purchase and leasing service
TRUST analyze and match corporate client needs with the right yacht types, and handles yacht acquisition or leasing on clients’ behalf.
Yacht maintenance service
TRUST provide yacht maintenance service including berthing, crew training, and supply logistics.
Yacht program feasibility and launch
To businesses interested in investing into a for-profit yacht program, TRUST offers feasibility research, marina design and building consulting, yacht club design, management and operations, and facilitation of partnership opportunities with European yachting industry.

Fa Hai Yachts

FH 950 Fast Cruiser

The FH 950 will be developed as an exclusive fast cruising yacht, with a spacious cockpit also usable for day sailing and racing. The interior is simple with 4 berths a spacious head in front of the main bulkhead and a galley stowed under the cockpit and movable over a rail.

Length overall10.10 m
Length hull9.50 m
Max beam3.10 m
Draft2.20 m
Main sail area55 m2
DesignSatellite Yacht Design


  • Design CE A (ocean)
  • Composite Hull and Deck
  • Steel keel frame
  • Fixed composite bowsprit
  • Yanmar (or similar) Saildrive


  • 4 berths
  • Comfortable seats
  • Galley with stove and sink, stowed under the cockpit


  • Carbon mast
  • Fractional rigging
  • Mainsail, Jib and Gennaker
  • Rod Rigging (optional PBO)


  • Steering wheel
  • Harken equipment

Yacht Portfolio

TRUST represents 4 premium yacht manufacturers from Italian, Holland and switzerland. Our products cover:

B Yachts

B Yachts designs and manufactures a series of sail boats characterized by its stylish, high performance, easy to use and semi-custom built features. With over 20 years experience in high tech boat design and construction, B yachts carries a distinct reputation of high weight stability, great cockpit comfort, pure sailing comfort and style.


The B30 is a beautiful sailing Yacht with class and style. The B30 is user-friendly day sailor ideal for sailing with friends and family at the coastline and inland lakes.

Length overall8.92 m
Max beam2.32 m
Draft1.90 m
Displacement2300 kg
Ballast1100 kg
Main sail area35 m2
Jib area17 m2
Engine15 hp


The B42 is Italian elegant luxury and stylish day sailor. B42 is a light weight fully carbon fiber sailing yacht. This is an ideal yacht for day sailing and spending weekend on with family or friends. And this is excellent yacht for longer sea trips at the coastline.

Length overall12.80 m
Max beam3.10 m
Draft2.40 m
Displacement5600 kg
Ballast3000 kg
Main sail area65 m2
Jib area35 m2
Engine27o hp

Esse boats

Esse produces high performance sail boats at shipyard in Switzerland, designed by Italian designer Umberto Felci. Esse specializes in sports/racers of 8 to 10 meters in overall length. Esse racers are easy to handle on the water, where simple handling means not only the ability to be sailed single-handed, but also the advantage of regatta sailing without the need to recruit a large crew.

Esse 850

The Esse 850 is a true sport boat from Switzerland and Italian design. This sailing boat is developed as one design for sailing regattas. She can be used as regular sailing boat with a inboard engine and smaller sails. In 2004 this boat was Europe sport boat of the year and in 2007 USA international boat of the year.

Length LOA8.50 m
Beam2.20 m
Draught2.00 m
Ballast700 kg
Displacement incl. rig1260 kg
Sail area, up wind racing47 m2
Sail area, up wind standard41 m2
Sail area, Gennaker80 m2

Esse 990

The Esse 990 is slick and elegant performance cruise racer designed in Italy and built in Switzerland. It’s a light weight sailing yacht perfect for club races national and international. It is also ideal for sailing with family and friends.

Length LOA9.99 m
Beam2.55 m
Draught2.10 m
Ballast1050 kg
Displacement2200 kg
Sail area, up wind racing43 m2
Sail area, up wind standard24 m2
Sail area, Gennaker134 m2


Vismara offers a complete range of sail and motor boats, designed in house and manufactured in Italy. Since 1984, Vismara has been continuing to innovate its boat design and provide quality service with emphasis on owners’ complete satisfaction. Led by Alessandro Vismara, a high accomplished naval architect who specialized in applied hydrodynamics, Vismara boats offers a superior mix of esthetic taste, quality performance and economically friendly.

V 34 DS

The new V34 DS marks the return of the day-sailing world into the shipyard, designed for racing or cruising with the family & is optimized for winds up to 18 knots.

Confronting & analyzing other boats in the market today and studying the different water lines to optimize the performance brought a tremendous result of an advanced, very competitive and high performance boat which at the same time is convenient, easy handling, safe and reliable, thanks to the extensive experience of the shipyard.

Length overall9.99 m / 34.0 ft
Beam3.10 m / 10.1 ft
Draft2.50 m / 8.2 ft
Displacement2500 kg
EngineVolvo Penta D2-12HP S Drive
RiggingCarbon fiber
Sail area up wind64.50 m2
MaterialsCarbon fiber & epoxy sandwich

V 42 G Classic Sport

The V 42 is a fast and easy handling sailing yacht. This yacht can be used for cruising and sportive sailing with friends and family.

V 47 Fast Cruiser

V47 fast cruiser yacht is capable to fulfilled all needs while cruising in comfort with family yet optimized for navigation in 18/20 knots of wind. The new V47 is a real energy saver in all sense! thanks to the high efficient solar panels on deck, advanced carbon hull materials and shape for maximum performance and many other features for a real easy sailing; saving lots of work, for more sailing pleasure.

Length overall15.25 m / 50.0 ft
Beam4.00 m / 13.1 ft
Draft2.50 m / 8.2 ft
Displacement10240 kg
EngineVolvo Penta D2-55HP S Drive
RiggingCarbon fiber
Sail area up wind130.7 m2
MaterialsCarbon fiber & epoxy sandwich

V Cat 43

Light displacement catamaran optimized for short handed cruising, optimized for the Adriatic Sea light winds.
This new catamaran is characterized by narrow water lines, however offers wide spaces above deck to benefit family cruising without loosing up wind performance.

Length overall13.3 m / 43.1 ft
Beam6.90 m / 22.6 ft
Draft1.00-2.25 m / 3.2-7.3 ft
Displacement6250 kg
EngineVolvo Penta 2 x 30 HP S Drive
RiggingCarbon fiber
Sail area up wind80.50 m2
MaterialsCarbon fiber & epoxy sandwich

MY Cantoni 34

MY Cantoni 34 is a modern innovated yacht with a 1930 touch. This yacht is perfect for day and weekend use, to sail with family and friends. To feel the excitement of the boat speed and handling, and after all that you can relax in the cockpit and enjoying your yacht.

Length9.90 m / 34 ft
Width2.56 m / 8.4 ft
Draft1.00 m / 3.3 ft
Max speed35.00 kts
Cruising speed30.00 kts
EngineYanmar 2x260 hp

MY56 Navetta

Navetta is characterized composite yacht ideal for weekend use around the year. It brings cruising enjoyment to family or friends, with 28 knots of boat speed. The MY56 is one of the most friendly yacht to navigate, on high speed or docking hear in the harbor. Interior of MY56 can be customize on the wishes of the client.

Length17.74 m / 58.0 ft
Width4.79 m / 15.7 ft
Draft1.20 m / 3.9 ft
Displacemant20000 kg
Max speed28.00 kts
Cruising speed22.00 kts
EngineVolvo Penta 2 x 435 hp

MY Navetta 68

MY Navetta 68 is the larger sister ship of Navetta 56 with the same characterized design. The MY68 has all the luxury what you need to spend spare time and weekends on board of the yacht, for cruising and long sea trips with the family and friends, or for business meeting over the water . It can reach 35 knots of boat speed.

The MY68 is one of the most friendly yacht to navigate on high speed or docking hear in the harbor. Interior of MY68 can be customize on the wishes of the client.

Length20.70 m / 68.0 ft
Width5.36 m / 17.6 ft
Draft1.00 m / 3.3 ft
Displacemant30000 kg
Max speed35.00 kts
Cruising speed25.00 kts
EngineMan 2 x 800 hp

MY90 Fast Explorer

The MY 90 is a developed and inspired on Navetta 68. MY 90 is a uniquely designed yacht with excellent sailing performance. It’s a light weight composite yacht, can reach more than 30 knots of boat speed and a range of 1000 nautical miles at 25 knots, and the MY 90 starts with planing at 15 knots.

This yacht has every thing you need, for long sailing trips to discover the Chinese

Coastline, or cross over to other country's, and for weekend staying with the family.

The MY 90 is a ideal yacht for business meetings, in this yacht you can find all the luxury you need onboard, there is garage onboard a for 4 meter tender and jet ski. The Interior will be designed with shipyard and owner wishes.

Length27.50 m / 90.2 ft
Width7.00 m / 22.1 ft
Draft1.20 m / 3.1 ft
Displacemant45000 kg
Max speed35.00 kts
Cruising speed26.00 kts
EngineCaterpillar 2 x 850 hp


Sossego yachts are manufactured by Gebr. van Enkhuizen, a yacht building, installation and service company based in the Netherlands. The Sossego is aluminium motor yacht with open sportboat concept designed by Mulder design. High performance, excellent sea-keeping combined with a real  outdoor life, Sossego features cooking and entertaining in and on deck. Below deck there are two excellent cabins, each with their own bathroom and a spacious salon.  Crew's quarters is located forward.

FM 90

The FM 90 is unique designed with modern line, clean surface and low profile that give this yacht an elegant appearance. This 30 meter aluminum yacht offer a lot of luxury, space for 8 guests and 3 crew members.

Guests can enjoy the spectacular view in the lounge or relax at the bar, on the after deck or main deck.

In lower deck is place for a 4 meter tender and 2 jet ski. This yacht will be design and build on the wishes of the client. She is perfect yacht for business, family, weekends, or long holiday trips.

Length overall30.00 m / 98.50 ft
EngineMTU 2x V16 2000hp
CE (Communate Europpene)A
DesignerMulder design
Boat materialAluminium

Sossego 23 sport

The sossego 23 sport is a high performing light weight motor Yacht.

Designed for excellent sailing performance at the sea, this yacht can reach a boat speed of 44 knots. this Sossego yacht has all the luxury on deck and below deck for what the owner needs. It’s a real trill seeker on the water.

Length overall22.95 m / 75.30 ft
Beam4.95 m / 16.02 ft
Draft1.10 m / 3.70 ft
EngineMan 2x V10 1100 hp
GeneratorWhisper power Ultra 16
CE (Communate Europpene)B
DesignerMulder design
Maximum speed43 kts
Cruising speed34 kts
Boat materialAluminium

Sossego 22 comfort

Sossego 22 comfort is a ideal cruising yacht with high performing DNA and can reach 36 knots of boat speed. This Yacht can be just as family cruiser, and is excellent for business meetings. She is areal mini super yacht, to spent your weekend and holidays.

Length overall22.20 m / 72.10 ft
Beam5.80 m / 19.02 ft
Draft1.30 m / 4.26 ft
EngineMan 2x V8 1250 hp
GeneratorWhisper power Ultra 16
CE (Communate Europpene)B
DesignerMulder design
Maximum speed36 kts
Cruising speed28 kts
Boat materialAluminium


Bring yachting as a healthy lifestyle to Chinese middle and upper class for their enjoyment and well being.



Carren Shi


Carren is the Chinese market expert with over 16 years of experiences in the luxury sectors. She is the consultant and the ambassador to many multinational corporations, startup enterprise, small to medium companies and local organizations aiming at the Chinese consumers.


Carren’s knowhow, network and resources in China spanning from Luxury Hotels, Luxury Cars, Luxury Fashion & Accessories, Luxury Real Estate to Premium Medical Device and Life Technology. Her brands’ portfolio is inclusive of InterContinental Hotels Group, RCI, Hugo Boss, Alain Mikli, Porsche and DiaSorin etc.

Carren obtained her Master in Business Administration from the University of Salford, United Kingdom of the Great Britain in the year 2000. She is the Managing Partner of TRUST – Yachts Expertise and is currently living in Shanghai.

Krijn Van Den Brink

Krijn Van Den Brink

Krijn is a passionate sailor from Holland with nearly 40 years of sailing experience. He started sailing when he was 5 years old with dinghy boats – the optimist and laser. He also sailed with his parents on keel yachts.

At the age of 15, he joined his father and his sailing friends for sailing regattas with keel yachts in Holland. At the age of 18, he used his knowledge gained from racing and designed his first 22 feet racing boat together with the designer from Van De Stadt Design. One year later, he started to build the boat all by himself.

Upon the completion of the boat building, he started with inshore racing for both national and international competition with good result.

Later on, he started offshore racing for international regattas with boats ranging from 34-­‐43 feet. His sailing courses covered the Netherlands, France, England, Ireland, Norway and Belgium etc. In 2014, Krijn sailed in the China Cup held in Shenzhen, China with LingShui Team from YOMOVO Club.

Over the years, Krijn developed himself as an all-­‐round sailor for all the positions of sailing onboard.

His passion for sailing is to get the best out of the boat and the team!

Club Racing : 1989 - 2014

24 hours of Medemblikbest result 1st place
Flevo racebest result 2nd place
Zuider zee weekbest result 3rd place
Y toren race
North sea regatta
Haaks wade race
Cam race:The Netherlands to Norwaybest result 2nd place
Sail Race & Rally:The Netherlands to cork, Irelandbest result 1st place
The Netherlands to le Crousty, Francebest result 1st place
The Netherlands to Brest, Francebest result 1st place

Krijn moved to Shanghai in 2012 due to family reasons. He is currently the Sailing Coach and Consultant for TRUST – Yachts Expertise based in Shanghai.

Stephen Chen


Stephen has over 15 years leadership experience in U.S. and China with Fortune Companies in financial service, hospitality and education service industries.

From 2001 to 2010, Stephen held leadership positions at AIG (China bancassurance head), Cendant Corporation (China GM – RCI), and the Walt Disney Company (VP, Center Operations, Disney English). Stephen significantly contributed to the business growth during his tenure above.

Stephen earned his BA degree from Fudan University and MBA from University of Rochester in U.S.


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